More than a ship: The thought process behind Tampa Bay’s new Super Bowl committee logo

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The logo’s colors reflect the Buccaneers’ red and pewter while also incorporating varying blues representing our waters,

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NFL history: 100 people who shaped the league, pro football

You could easily fill out a list of 100 influential people in football’s history just with great players, coaches, owners and commissioners. But the NFL’s story ranges beyond the field and the front office, and pro football has been shaped not just by the stars who rule the record book, the X’s and O’s experts who cooked up its strategies, or the power brokers who turned it into the most dominant sport in America. There are also unorthodox, sometimes unfamiliar personalities who injected color into the game, rogues who worked outside the rules and brought disrepute, and figures from related fields’media, medicine, money’who profoundly transformed pro football, and our experience of it. This list is not meant to be definitive, and you could compose another, with a whole host of new names, that would be valid and compelling. Omissions should not be considered slights. Rather this is meant as a mosaic, a picture with 100 pieces from which, when they’re fit together, an image of the NFL at the century mark emerges.

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Israel trip questions remain ‘ Biden building a firewall ‘ Rubin’s bad day ‘ DeSantis’ first veto

Good Monday morning. It’s a simple question: Should some of the most important people in Florida government conduct official business outside of the state?

Israel bound ‘ It’s a big post-session question as Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet prepare to jet off for Israel to hold their May meeting, which is scheduled for the 29th. Holding a Cabinet meeting on international soil was itself a topic of debate ‘ for starters, will it conflict with state open meeting laws? ‘ but the trip is getting increased attention because DeSantis is planning to make the trip a twofer: hold a Cabinet meeting, and sign a bill aimed at combating anti-Semitism during the meeting. It amounts to a lot of official state business in a faraway land.

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Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 4.22.19

Easter weekend provided the pause that refreshes (in theory, at least) for members of the Florida Legislature.

The political reality is quickly ossifying. To help our readers make more sense of the topography of Session’s last two weeks, we present four interviews with key lawmakers.

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Not just ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’: House Judiciary Chair Paul Renner, a Republican from Palm Coast, noted the differences between the past and present Governors.

‘With Gov. Rick Scott,’ Renner quipped, ‘there was a strong focus on jobs. His top three priorities: jobs, jobs, jobs.’

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