New York residents fleeing to sunny Florida ‘ and New Jersey: study

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Residents escaping New York state at an alarming rate are fleeing to Florida more than any other state.

More than one in five New Yorkers who left ‘ 21.3% ‘ relocated to the Sunshine State, an Empire Center analysis of IRS tax data from 2010 to 2018 found.

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Many things are taking place:

New Yorkers fleeing to Florida need to leave their terrible blue state policies behind as well

Back in the day, my native New York State feasted on the iconic I’NY’ad campaign, enticing Americans to drop in and spend their dollars in the Big Apple.

But now, we’re being treated to the spectacle of the state’s governor selling’ not New York, but Florida!

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Date: 2019-02-17
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Miami Woos New York Homebuyers Fleeing Over Tax Law

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Why So Many Americans Are Saying Goodbye to Cities

For starters, a bit of terminology. The Census Bureau tracks two sorts of American movers. First, there are ‘domestic migrants,’ who move from one U.S. county to another. Second, there are ‘international migrants,’ who move from a foreign country to America. Somewhat confusingly, the latter definition does not mean ‘all immigrants.’ A Guatemalan-born woman who lives in Houston for two years and then moves Dallas is considered a domestic migrant, since she’s moving between American cities.

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Did Republican tax law spur rich to flee blue states?

As taxpayers prepare their first returns affected by the Republican federal tax overhaul, New York’s governor this week put hard numbers behind the harm he says it’s causing his and other high-tax states: the rich are fleeing and income tax receipts are falling, costing the Empire State more than $14 billion.

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Do millionaires really leave the state when taxes get higher?

For nearly a decade, it has been the favorite argument of those opposed to higher state taxes for Connecticut’s wealthy ‘ migration.

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For Republicans ‘ and many moderate Democrats ‘ income and wealth migration is not only a very real threat, but a problem that’s already upon us as Connecticut increasingly raises taxes to cover surging pension costs.

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