Nickel Ride is swapping free shuttle rides for free electric car rides in St. Pete

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ST. PETERSBURG ‘Say goodbye to downtown’s elongated golf carts ‘ costs through the advertising revenue it gets on each car and partnerships with local businesses.

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Nickel Ride isn’t going anywhere, but the free ride share app is replacing its fleet of electric vehicles with enhanced electric cars and expanding its coverage area.

Starting Wednesday, six 2019 Nissan LEAF cars will take the place of the five-seat shuttle cars Nickel Ride has been operating since August. The fleet will cover more ground in the city, and even take passengers to St. Pete Beach and back.

Nickel Ride CEO Judah Longgrear said St. Petersburg is one of the company’s best performing markets and that the past ten months have proven ‘that we needed to scale our operations to keep pace with the growing demands from our riders and advertisers.’

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