No more excuses, NHL Panthers. Time to win big, and to matter again in South Florida

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The loss was magnified because Florida had also dropped its season opener in Tampa and has made a point of a fast start ‘ The Panthers must win back some of their own fans as well as South Florida a’

Follow this. The complete details.

This is astounding and it feels impossible but it is the truth and it says much about the state of Miami sports at the moment:

The great hope of South Florida on the professional level is the one team that has accomplished the least for the longest — the Florida Panthers.

The team (supposedly) likeliest to deliver our next championship parade is the one that never has. It is the hockey club that was last relevant here in a broad, meaningful way in (but who’s counting) 1996.

The thought occurred as the current Panthers opened their 25th NHL season Thursday night at the Sunrise arena, a silver season digging for gold.

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