Now that’s some FOD: Alligator wanders onto MacDill flightline

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An alligator was discovered on the flightline at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida early Tuesday morning.

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Air bases across the world live in fear of foreign object debris, or FOD ‘ rocks, bolts or other random items that could work their way onto a runway, get kicked up and cause serious damage to an aircraft.

But Tuesday morning, MacDill Air Force Base in Florida encountered an unusual visitor on its flightline: an alligator.

MacDill spokesman 2nd Lt. Brandon Hanner said the alligator is believed to have wandered onto the flightline from one of the bodies of water around the base, where alligators are regularly seen. Fortunately, he said, it was early enough that no personnel or aircraft were around to be endangered by the gator.

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Date: 2019-05-15T14:52:34.694Z
Author: Stephen Losey
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