Olympic Weightlifter Chuckie Welch’s An Icon For Black Girl Strength

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‘[My team], we just wanted to have fun,’ she told the Shadow ‘ ‘I didn’t see any criticism of my teammate or any other white girl wearing one. It was just really frustrating.

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When Olympic weightlifter and snatch American record holder Quiana ‘Chuckie’ Welch stepped onto the platform at the Arnold Classic last March, she did so with more African pizazz than most of the competitors in the room. 

All eyes were on her custom-made, legless singlet: Its kente-like design featured bright orange, green and yellow, while a black meshy fabric laced her arms and shoulders. It was a much more playful version of the classic, monochromatic uniforms most weightlifters wear to meets. Welch and her teammates decided to stitch up something unique for this competition. 

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