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[ Rich Argentines fly to Miami to get the Covid vaccinations: Florida residents complain ]
Residents of foreign countries have obtained COVID vaccinations in Florida, taking advantage of the state’s loose rules on who can get a shot.

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Sir David King explains why the committee is calling for England to go into a full national lockdown

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TIRANA, Albania ‘ Albanian authorities said Sunday that military troops have supplied food and water to families in the northwest isolated from the recent flooding following heavy rainfall in the last week.A Defence Ministry statement reported at least 36 families evacuated in Lezha and Durres districts and homes of about 20 more were considered ‘uninhabitable’ after being damaged from the flooding.Authorities reported 7,450 hectares (18,400 acres) of land flooded in Shkoder, Lezha and Durres, some bridges in rural areas destroyed and some roads temporarily blocked because of landslides. A few villages could be reached only with military trucks or small boats.No casualties have been reported or livestock lost so far.Rainfall in central and southwestern Albania also threatened to raise water levels of riverbanks, but the situation remained stable.Authorities fear overnight rainfall may cause more problems considering the next hours the ‘most critical ones,’ according to Prime Minister Edi Rama. About 140 millimeters (5.5 inches) of rain is forecast.In 2010, this area suffered the worst flood in a half-century with thousands of people evacuated and many livestock lost.The Drini River, producing the bulk of Albania’s energy needs, has its delta in this area. Authorities say they are managing the flow of water from its three hydropower stations to prevent further flooding of the area.Llazar Semini, The Associated Press

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