SOCOM awards $47 million for radio software

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A Joint Terminal Attack Controller uses his Android Tactical Assualt Tablet Kit during a close air support mission as part of a the Northern Strike training exercise (Scott Thompson / National Guard)

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MACDILL AFB, Florida — On August 23rd, 2018, U.S. Special Operations Command awarded the Sierra Nevada Corporation a contract worth $47 million to keep supplying and maintaining the software it uses in to ensure radios can communicate with one another across frequencies. Dubbed, TRAX, for ‘Tactical Radio Application eXtension,’ the software ‘fills a [redacted] role in the Special Operations air-to-ground communication architecture, and it works on Android devices, too.
The contract award is viewable online, and while the text available for the public omits several details, what can be seen is clear on why Sierra Nevada Corporation is the only contractor that can meet this need

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And here’s another article:

Five Eyes nations to benefit from comms enhancements

Armed forces from across the Five Eyes community are set to benefit from a series of tactical communications enhancements allowing them to operate in command and control denied and degraded environments (C2D2Es).

Solutions are set to reduce the vulnerability of small unit teams operating in contested environments which continue to witness the proliferation of electronic warfare threats across the battlespace.

On 20 August, Lockheed Martin announced it was preparing to launch the first GPS III satellite in December 2018, designed to provide forward deployed units with 300% increases in the accuracy of GPS data. The satellite will also provide ground elements with up to 800% increases in anti-jamming capabilities over legacy GPS II satellites, Lockheed Martin officials have claimed.

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