That evening, he was one of the three Black teens listening to music while they waited for a friend

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[ Southwest Florida virtual job fair provides ‘visibility’, sees high demand during coronavirus pandemic ]
CareerSource Southwest Florida held one of these virtual fairs on Thursday ‘ fair before but believes that the virtual method may be even better than in-person events due to how readily available ‘

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Takeaways from Tallahassee ‘ Dancing with history

Jordan Davis was only 17 years old when he was gunned down inside of a parked SUV at a Jacksonville gas station on Black Friday in 2012. That evening, he was one of the three Black teens listening to music while they waited for a friend to return from inside. They had planned a trip to the mall.

Jordan Davis and his father Ron, who set up ‘The Jordan Davis Foundation’ after a White man shot his son in 2012.

‘I want to bring about change,’ Davis said. ‘I think bringing about change is changing mindsets, changing biases, and exposing biases to let people know that this is not going to work for America. We can’t all get together and be together until this mindset change.’

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Times News Blog: Latest on local impact of COVID-19 (May 7-July 7)

‘ The’Washington County Health Department’modified free COVID-19 testing hours effective immediately.’Testing is Monday-Friday between 9 a.m.-2 p.m.’Additional information about Tennessee’s testing sites is available for each county on the Tennessee Department of Health website at’

‘ The local’RLS (restless leg syndrome) and other Sleep Disorders meeting’is postponed at the Renaissance Center until Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 12:30 p.m.

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City schools discuss reopening plan

The essential scope is already up on the school’s website at, with a couple of tweaks still expected over the next four weeks, according to Dr. Kim Morrison, city school superintendent.

Last month the school district had to turn in a back-to-school plan to the state with three options: fully in-class learning, fully distance learning, and a blend of the two.

‘We realize that face-to-face instruction may not be in the best interest of every child or family,’ the district states in an announcement on its website. ‘With that in mind, we have a menu of options to share with you. This will be referred to as C.L.A.S.S. (Customized Learning Anywhere/Anytime for Student Success).’

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