St. Pete Woman Accused of Urinating, Spitting on Restaurant Ice Cream

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A St. Petersburg woman is accused of tampering with ice cream ‘ The incidents occurred at LuLu’s Ice Cream on Gulf Boulevard.

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INDIAN SHORES, Fla. ‘ A St. Petersburg woman is accused of tampering with ice cream at an Indian Shores restaurant, including spitting into containers and urinating on an ice cream maker.

Jung Soon Wypcha was charged by Indian Shores Police with criminal mischief and violating the state’s tampering act.

The incidents occurred between June 17 and June 22 at LuLu’s Ice Cream on Gulf Boulevard, according to an affidavit obtained Tuesday by Spectrum Bay News 9.

According to police, surveillance video caught Wypcha “picking her nose” then sticking her fingers in ice cream, which happened June 17.

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