Petersburg foodies founder Kevin Godbee.

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[ St. Petersburg Restaurant Blog Recognizes Food Delivery Scam ]
Popular local restaurant review website and Facebook group St. Petersburg Foodies received an odd email on July 30.

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‘I knew right away that it was false,’ says St. Petersburg foodies founder Kevin Godbee. ‘But imagine if I didn’t know the owners and chefs of the restaurants. The signature says The Big Catch, with their address and phone number, and it implies that this is someone who is authorized to speak for the restaurant.’

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The webscape is littered with online food delivery companies, and some of them have been busted for shady practices, as when Grubhub was called out for creating multiple fake websites to offer delivery from restaurants it hadn’t officially partnered with. These web businesses survive on the fees they charge for delivery, which can sometimes be outrageous (and cause customers to not tip the drivers, whether or not they think that charge is going to the driver, which it isn’t), and they’re willing to go to great and sometimes allegedly deceptive practices to drive business.

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Coronavirus in Florida: Live blog |

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. ‘ As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ‘ and the over-inflated fears associated with it ‘ grip the globe, it can be difficult to find reliably factual information about what’s going on here in Florida.’

This blog is a resource to address that crucial need. 10News reporters and producers will use it to share the latest headlines, while actively avoiding the hyperbole that’s running rampant across social media and respected news outlets.’

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There are a total of 160 COVID-19 cases in the state of Florida, plus six that are Florida residents who are diagnosed and isolated out of state.

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Bill To Ban Dining Dogs Contradicts Pet-Friendly Policies

ACROSS FLORIDA ‘ Tampa’s mayoral mutt and official city greeter, Alcaldesa, could find herself on the unemployment line if a Florida House bill is approved during the 2o20 legislative session.

While Florida cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg attempt to create more pet-friendly environments, House Bill 243 threatens to thwart those efforts.

Filed Sept. 1 by Florida Rep. Bruce Antone, a Democrat from Orlando, HB 243 would prohibit dogs in restaurants, bars and lounges. While non-service dogs are already prohibited in places that serve food, Antone’s law would establish a website for complaints against those who violate the law, require restaurants to post signs prohibiting dogs at every entrance and would outline penalties for those who violate the law.

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Takeaways from Tallahassee ‘ A furry win

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a handful of priorities into law this week, mainly on education, but furry friends earned a win too.

As Florida turns the page on the fourth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, people need emotional support animals now more than ever. With changes made to the state’s service animal law, landlords will no longer be able to charge fees for any emotional support animal, trained or not.

Emotional support animals aren’t limited to dogs. Cats, miniature horses, hedgehogs, and peacocks all qualify, as does any animal that can alleviate a person’s symptoms because of its presence.

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