We need a good washing.” “I’m telling you right now, we’re going to clean up this whole program,”

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[ Still no word on Charlie Strong’s future as USF enters offseason ]
In the immediate wake of the 2018 Gasparilla Bowl, USF coach Charlie Strong, his voice raspy and emotions raw, gave an unabridged assessment of his reeling team.

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“I’m telling you right now, we’re going to clean up this whole program,” said Strong, who had just watched the Bulls lose their sixth consecutive game. “A lot of guys will be leaving. We need a good washing.”

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‘We’ve got a ways to go, and I told our guys that in the offseason, it’s got to be a whole new change,’ Strong said late Friday night following the Bulls’ embarrassing 34-7 loss at UCF.

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Many things are taking place:

2019 NFL Draft Player Profile: Mazzi Wilkins

Mazzi Wilkins has had to fight for respect and playing time going back to his days at Tampa’s Plant High School.

He chose his hometown school, because he wanted to restore the Bulls back to prominence and have the opportunity to play in front of family.

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After A Whirlwind Year, Blake Barnett Is Prepared To Take Charge At South Florida

Barnett and his wife, Maddie, welcomed son Brooks into the world in March. In May, the California native crossed the country to enroll at the University of South Florida as a graduate transfer. Three months later he was among a trio of quarterbacks battling to become the Bulls’ starter, a competition from which he emerged on top with about a week to go in preseason camp.

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Ranking All 130 College Football Coaching Jobs for 2019

Debating the best job among all 130 college football teams or within any conference is always an ongoing discussion. The debate doesn’t start with a small sample size but should take into account more of a long-term (both past and future) in order to get a better snapshot of the program. Every college football program is unique and has its own set of challenges. But some programs are clearly better than others. What exactly determines the best job in a conference or in college football? Each person’s criteria will be different, but some programs already have inherent advantages in terms of location, money and tradition. Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State and Texas are some of the nation’s best jobs, largely due to some of the factors mentioned previously. Do they have their drawbacks? Absolutely. But it’s easier to win a national title at Texas than it is at Oklahoma State. On the flipside, jobs like New Mexico State, UMass and Eastern Michigan have a different set of challenges. Recruiting to remote locations or conference affiliation plays a role in just how tough a job is at the FBS level.

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FAU allegedly violates crime reporting law in QB sexual battery investigation

An FAU student says quarterback Chris Robison raped her. She felt guilty for it, so she told police it never happened ‘ then told FAU it did. A lawyer says FAU was right in clearing Robison, but how they told her about their decisions might’ve violated a federal law.

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On a December night in a Pollo Tropical parking lot, Sarah sat next to FAU quarterback Chris Robison in her gray Honda Civic and watched him cry.

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