Stone crab season is near. But Florida blue crab has a following, too.

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gives away free samples of fried blue crab with buffalo wing sauce Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019 in Tampa, FL.

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TAMPA ‘ ‘Have you ever had smoked crab?’ Emmanuel Hagins asks, passing me a large bronzed crustacean, still smoldering from the grill.

We’re at Tampa Blue Crab & Seafood, which sells all manner of ocean delights. But it’s the blue crabs that are the biggest draw.

Hagins shows me how to pick it apart, first breaking it in two before carefully prying off a piece to expose the backfin, one of the sweetest and most coveted parts of the crab.

But wait, there’s more: bright orange crabs, spicy with Old Bay seasoning, and buttery garlic crabs, slick and swimming in a golden sheen. There’s deep-fried crab ‘ patted down with corn flour, seasoned and tossed into the fryer before getting doused in a fiery and tangy buffalo sauce that makes my lips tingle.

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