Tampa Bay airports look to Latin America for new flights

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TIMES COLUMN: When Brazil sneezes, do Florida and Tampa Bay start to catch cold? Maybe so, but Brazil reliably sends waves of beach-loving tourists,

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TAMPA ‘ When Tampa International Airport’s director of research got the question ‘ what can Colombian-born Tampanians do to get a direct flight to Bogota? ‘ he didn’t fumble for an answer.

“Thank you so much,” the airport’s Kenneth Strickland told the questioner at a recent session of Caf’ con Tampa. ‘You’re one of 36,000 Colombians that live in the Tampa Bay market. These are numbers that we pay close attention to.’

And of that group, 70 percent currently catch flights to see friends and relatives in Colombia from airports in Orlando or South Florida.

‘The really painful thing about it is I can see based on zip codes and credit card data where these people are living,’ Strickland said. ‘They all live within two miles north of the airport. So they’re literally driving past the airport to go to Orlando.’

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Tampa Bay Tampa International plans to tap into Latin American market with flights to Colombia

Tampa International Airport could land a new international flight to’Bogot’, Colombia within a year, a top airport official said Friday.’

The destination is the airport’s current top international priority, according to’Kenneth Strickland, TPA’s manager of research and evaluations. He spoke at the latest’Caf’ Con Tampa‘community forum.’

The airport is losing 70 percent of the Colombia air travel market in Florida to Orlando and South Florida, making the destination ripe for the picking.

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