Tampa elects first out lesbian mayor, ex

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Former police Chief Jane Castor was elected mayor of Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday, becoming the first out lesbian mayor of a major city in the state.

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Castor said that her win ‘sends a resounding message to our community ‘ no, it sends a resounding message to the nation, that Tampa celebrates its diversity and lifts everyone up in a positive way.’

Castor, 59, told supporters during her acceptance speech Tuesday night that as mayor, she would focus on ‘strengthening our neighborhoods’ and promised to build a city that residents would ‘be proud to pass off to the next generation,’ with a focus on affordable housing and a living wage.

In Tuesday’s runoff election, Castor easily defeated businessman David Straz, who earned just 15.5 percent the vote in the March 5 general election. Castor nearly won that election outright with 49 percent, but without a majority, the election was forced to the runoff.

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Lesbian candidate wins big in Tampa mayoral race

Lesbian candidate Jane Castor won big Tuesday night in Tampa, Fla., when by a landslide she achieved victory in the race to become the city’s next mayor, making her the first out person elected mayor of top 100 city in the Southeast.

Castor, the city’s former police chief, won 72.5 percent of the vote against her opponent, philanthropist David Straz, who won 27.5 percent of the vote, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Annise Parker, CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund and the first openly lesbian mayor of Houston, commended Castor in statement for her victory, saying ‘a lavender ceiling was shattered in Florida Tuesday night.’

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Jane Castor Is Elected First Lesbian Mayor of Tampa

The victory earns a place in LGBTQ history; Castor, Tampa’s former police chief, is now the first lesbian to lead a major southeastern city. She bested opponent David Straz by 72 percent to 28 percent, reports the Tampa Bay Times, which called the election for her about 7:15 p.m. local time Tuesday.

“A huge thank you to all of Tampa! Your support, your encouragement, and your votes have made tonight possible ‘ and it has only just begun,” Castor tweeted upon news of her victory.

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Jane Castor pummels David Straz in landslide election

Castor’s victory is not a surprise. She entered Tuesday’s election with a commanding lead. One poll put her 36 points ahead while another put her at a 23 point advantage. Castor made the runoff 33 points ahead of Straz.

Castor’s victory was almost immediately apparent when results from vote by mail ballots dropped shortly after polls closed. With only those results, Castor led 74 percent.

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Number of lesbian mayors across America could triple by June

Clockwise from top left: Lori Lightfoot, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Jane Castor, Jolie Justus -Photos: Facebook.

Four lesbian mayoral candidates are poised to make history this year, potentially tripling the number of out lesbians ever elected to lead a top 100 city, and bringing the total number of out LGBTQ mayors to 42.

On April 2, Lori Lightfoot will be in a runoff election to become the next mayor of Chicago. Satya Rhodes-Conway will be in a runoff election for the mayoralty of Madison, Wis. And Jolie Justus, currently the frontrunner in the race for Kansas City mayor, will compete in a primary to determine candidates for the general election. Later this month, Jane Castor will compete in a runoff to determine the next mayor of Tampa, Fla.’

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