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State mulls 700 mph hyperloop project from Tampa to South Florida: report
on 28th of Sep 2020 Based on the Elon Musk concept, Florida is looking at a company developing a 700 mph hyperloop that could run from Tampa to South Florida, according to a report in the Fort Myers News-Press.

Florida surpasses 700,000 coronavirus cases as state enters Phase 3 reopening
(Sep 2020) The Department of Health added 1,882 coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the total number of infections statewide to 700,564.

A slew of 24 new Florida laws kicks in on Thursday
on 28th of Sep 2020 From stricter penalties for ripping off military veterans to new guidelines for specialty license plates, 24 laws go into effect Thursday after being passed during the 2020 legislative session.

Florida is leaving the state’s exonerated inmates penniless
(Sep 2020) TAMPA — Thirty-eight years ago, when he was 17, Robert DuBoise was charged with burglary and grand theft. What can be gleaned from court records indicates that police found him in a car that wasn’t

‘He just lies’: Florida’s senior voters suddenly are in play
on 28th of Sep 2020 Florida seniors, long an unflinching bloc of reliable GOP votes, are suddenly in play as President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus has his reelection campaign on the defensive. The pandemic

Pressure builds as Florida advocates call for utility, housing relief
on 28th of Sep 2020 More than a dozen environmental and housing advocacy groups called for relief for vulnerable groups of Floridians.

Florida lifts all COVID-19 restrictions
on 28th of Sep 2020 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has suspended fines for not wearing masks and lifted COVID-19 restrictions on all businesses in the state.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to allow a small number of fans to attend home games starting Oct. 4
(Sep 2020) The Bucs announced that when the team hosts the Chargers on Oct. 4, a small number of longtime season-ticket holders, player and staff family members and luxury suite members will be able to watch at

Anti-Trump and former GOP strategists join Hispanic groups targeting Florida voters
on 28th of Sep 2020 The effort to defeat Trump in Florida and mobilize the Hispanic vote for former Vice President Joe Biden has led to some strange bedfellows.

Biden campaign review lays out plan to beat Trump in Florida
on 28th of Sep 2020 On the eve of the first presidential debate, the Biden campaign assessment insists President Trump can be beaten in his adopted home state.

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