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Dude, there was a gigantic robot walking around in the Keys according to online reporters.
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Florida teen pleads not guilty to masterminding Twitter hack
on 04th of Aug 2020 Graham Clark told Circuit Court Judge Christopher Nash in Tampa that he was not guilty of the 30 felony counts of fraud prosecutors have leveled against him, according to court records. Clark’s

Florida nears 500,000 coronavirus cases as tropical storm Isaias nears
(Aug 2020) With Tropical Storm Isaias moving ever closer to Florida’s eastern seaboard Sunday, there was a slight reprieve in the coroanvirus pandemic from the record-breaking numbers seen this week. According

Tropical storm conditions close in on South Florida as Isaias nears
(Aug 2020) Tropical Storm Isaias continued to bring heavy rainfall and winds to the northwestern Bahamas Sunday morning as it slowly crawls north towards southeastern Florida. According to the 8 a.m. advisory

Florida Education Association asks judge for temporary injunction to delay start of school statewide this fall
on 04th of Aug 2020 The Florida Education Association will ask a judge for a temporary . As of now, there aren’t any Tampa Bay area district schools that plan to begin the year with full distance learning without a

Man rides on hood of truck down Florida Turnpike
(Aug 2020) A Florida man went for a nine-mile ride down a busy highway but in a highly unusual fashion: on the hood of a tractor-trailer. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that the unidentified man climbed

People With Virus Antibodies May Soon Visit Florida Nursing Homes
on 04th of Aug 2020 FL Gov. Ron DeSantis said he thinks people with antibodies to the coronavirus should be allowed to visit long-term care facilities.

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