Ted Levine, Mel Rodriguez, Beth Ditto & Usman Ally Cast In YouTube Series ‘Of Becoming A God In Central Florida’

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On Becoming A God In Central Florida, one of the passion projects for the late ‘ Ally, whose credits also include Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events,

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On Becoming A God In’Central Florida,’one of the passion projects for the late TriStar TV topper Suzanne Patmore Gibbs, was written by Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky based on a spec script they wrote.’Set near Orlando in the early 1990s, it centers on Krystal Gill (Dunst), a minimum-wage-earning water park employee who will eventually scheme her way up the ranks of the Founders American Merchandise, the cultish, flag waving, multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme that drove her family to ruin.

Levine will play the charismatic leader of the pyramid-scheme who has cult-like status. Rodriguez will play the manager of the low-rent waterpark where Krystal works, Ditto plays his wife. Ally plays the waterpark’s penny-pinching owner.

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