Izzy has been working hard to perfect her skills since she was just a little girl, and it definitely

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[ Teen Gymnast Has Cutest Response When She Finds Out She Made Special Olympics Team. ]
Hundreds of local athletes competed for a spot on New York’s Special Olympics team, but only a few made the cut.

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One of the gymnasts who will represent her state at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in 2022 is 14-year-old Izzy Brinkerhoff. Izzy has been working hard to perfect her skills since she was just a little girl, and it definitely shows!

Izzy’s coach, Marlene Michels, was the first to hear that her student had received a coveted spot on the Special Olympics team. She and the team’s management quietly approached Izzy’s parents to get permission to surprise her with the wonderful news, and they were more than happy to oblige!

On the day of the big reveal, Izzy thought she was going to Mohawk Chevrolet in their hometown of Albany, New York, to car shop with her older sister. Instead, everyone was there to tell her the good news! As soon as she heard she made the team, Izzy rushed into Marlene’s arms for a gigantic hug.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

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Chellsie’s Chase: US Olympian’s gymnastics comeback turning serious

Chellsie Memmel wants to emphasize something. This is not about ego nor unfinished business nor fending off some sort of early-onset midlife crisis.

She doesn’t need to do this. She’s got a world all-around gold medal tucked away somewhere. An Olympic silver medal, too. When she officially retired in 2012, Memmel went out on her own terms. She got married, had two kids, became an integral part of running the gym her family owns in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and earned a reputation as one of the country’s most respected judges.

So no, trying to make the U.S. national team while competing against some athletes born the year Memmel stood atop the podium in Melbourne, Australia in 2005 as the best female gymnast on the planet’‘ isn’t some publicity stunt. There are easier ways to do this while juggling motherhood, coaching, judging and returning to the elite level all at once.

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