Temple Terrace Elections 2017

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This coming October a special election will be held to vote for the next mayor of Temple Terrace.

Mr. Ganessingh said it is an honor to be able to run for office in such a great city. Together with the community, he is dedicated to keeping Temple Terrace strong.

In a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Mr. Ganessingh explained how the city must sell the city-owned property located in Downtown Temple Terrace and that money be used to pay down on a nearly $24 million debt, an old loan.

The city has to refinance by next April. They have been paying only the interest on the $24 million it borrowed more than a decade ago to buy the redevelopment property and add infrastructure.

“Paying down the debt is vital. If the banks see that the city has a viable plan for paying off the loan,” Ganessingh said, “then they would work with us.”

As Mayor he will:

  1. Seek to work with the Council to get the best investments possible flowing into the Downtown Development.
  2. Ensure fiscal prudence so the citizens of the City obtain great services with as low a property tax rate as needed.
  3. Represent the citizens of Temple Terrace with integrity, drive and commitment.

Mr. Ganessingh is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a major in accounting and has been working in accounting and tax for 15 years. He currently is with a CPA firm based in Temple Terrace. He has served on the Temple Terrace Board of Adjustment for five years.