Leon — In his battle over Covid-19-related mandates, Gov.

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Coming off an up and down year due to COVID-19 stipulations, girls teams all around the area are looking to get back into the swing of things.

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Republicans sidestep DeSantis mandate battle – POLITICO

State vs. Leon ‘ In his battle over Covid-19-related mandates, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration used a law passed last spring by the Florida Legislature to levy a $3.57 million fine against Leon County because local officials imposed a vaccine requirement on county employees.

Here’s the problem ‘ Top Republicans who backed the law are refusing to endorse this novel legal interpretation by the DeSantis administration.

Let’s walk through this ‘ The GOP-controlled Legislature crafted their bill in response to a pandemic that triggered new restrictions and requirements on how state and local government must respond to future pandemics. Weaved into the legislation was a ban on ‘vaccine passports’ ‘ a move to prevent businesses and local governments from forcing customers or people using their services from having to provide proof they’d been vaccinated.

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Date: Republicans sidestep DeSantis mandate battle
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Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 10.22.21

‘I wanted to share because word got out even though I asked people to keep it quiet. So, I’d rather get ahead of the story,’ she said. ‘In addition, I also wanted to use my public position to educate others about early self-detection and mammograms.’

‘I don’t know if it’s a legislative answer, I don’t think so, but younger women really need to stay on top of it because they are not supposed to get regular mammograms. We have to be able to do something about that,’ she said.

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First on #FlaPol ‘ If former President Donald Trump tunes into Fox News this week, he might see MeidasTouch’s new ad lambasting him as a no-show in the Virginia Governor race.

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In Their Own Write – The Foreign Service Journal

We are pleased to present this year’s collection of books by Foreign Service authors and their families.

The Foreign Service Journal is pleased to present our 20th annual Foreign Service authors roundup in time for holiday orders.

Our primary purpose in compiling ‘In Their Own Write’ for publication is to celebrate the wealth of literary talent within the Foreign Service community, and to give our readers the opportunity to support colleagues by sampling their wares. Each entry contains full publication details along with a short commentary.

This year our annotated list of books written, edited or translated by Foreign Service personnel and their family members stands at 100, up roughly 25 percent from last year’when, at 78 titles, it had nearly doubled from the year before. With the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns, we wonder, has the trend now gotten an additional boost from the ease and ubiquity of online communications?

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