USF Hosts MSNBC’s Battleground College Tour with Katy Tur

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The University of South Florida is fertile ground for fresh ideas and views on many of today’s issues, which is why MSNBC chose the Tampa campus to host its ‘Battleground College Tour with Katy Tur.

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The University of South Florida is fertile ground for fresh ideas and views on many of today’s issues, which is why MSNBC chose the Tampa campus to host its ‘Battleground College Tour with Katy Tur.’ USF is one of four college campuses nationwide to be featured in the live program. It provides viewers ground-level pulse on the key issues driving university students to the voting polls, while also giving students the valuable opportunity of directly engaging with political conversations.

‘It’s very important that students learn how to maneuver through politics and learn how to influence it,’ said Susan MacManus, PhD, emeritus professor, Department of Government and International Affairs. ‘They are going to become the dominant part of the workforce, taking important positions in business, non-profits and government.’

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur hosting live panel with USF students during ‘Battleground College Tour’

TAMPA ‘ MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur scheduled a visit to the University of South Florida on Friday afternoon to host a live show as a part of her ‘Battleground College Tour.”

Tur is speaking with student panelists during the tour a bout midterm elections, the importance of voting and other issues of interest on college campuses.

USF is the fifth stop on the tour this week, along with Washington University in St. Louis, Purdue, the University of Nevada at Reno and UCLA.

Tur was schedukled to speak live on the air with USF students from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in front of the school’s Marshall Student Center. All students and faculty were encouraged to attend the event, according to an MSNBC news release.

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MSNBC’s ‘Battleground College Tour’ stops at UNR Tuesday; topics and guests top secret

During his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump vehemently denied allegations of sexual misconduct from more than a dozen women, including PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff. But in November 2015, he bragged on live television about planting a ‘big kiss.’ Time

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Tur will also sign copies of her book, “Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History.”‘The book chronicles her 500 days of covering President Donald Trump’s campaign, including an unwanted kiss’by the president.

On Monday, the show aired live from UCLA and included a segment were a reporter interviewed people at a car wash who weren’t aware of issues and didn’t plan to vote. Another segment included an interview with a UCLA professor who studies race and voter registration.

‘MSNBC Live’ Hosted at University of Nevada, Reno as Part of Battleground College Tour

MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur hosted an hour long show Tuesday morning at the University of Nevada, Reno, one of five colleges she’s visiting in order to hear from students with the midterm elections less than a month away.

Tur discussed several topics during the show including candidate races in Nevada, popular issues among Democrats and Republicans in Nevada, and popular issues among students at UNR.

Hillary Schieve also made an appearance, mainly talking about the non-partisan presence in Nevada amongst voters, another topic Tur found interesting.

The marching band, cheer team, and dozens of students acted as the live audience around a television set on the lawn near the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.

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