USF ranks as an unsafe college campus in new study

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Security website, is out with its ranking of safest college campuses in America. The University of South Florida Tampa Campus was ranked last out of all Florida college campuses at 382 out ‘

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“It was surprising to hear the statistic, but I feel relatively safe,” says student Shae Driscoll. “It’s the surrounding area I think that contributes to the statistic.”

In first place as the safest college in America is Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. The University of Michigan finished in last place.

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While you’re here, how about this:

Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 4.15.19

Nearly half of the state’s top consultants, fundraisers, PR mavens, lobbyists and staffers expect a texting-while-driving ban with teeth to pass this year, while more than a quarter said the same about assignment of benefits reform. When it comes to a gambling bill, however, only two percent are willing to ante up.

Influencers also said the odds are high that Senate President Bill Galvano’s pet project ‘ a major expansion to the state highway network ‘ will get the green light. But most say House Speaker Jose Oliva will have to wait until next year to get his certificate of need repeal through the Legislature.

USF Ranks 5th In New Patents Among U.S. Public Universities

The inventive prowess of University of South Florida faculty, researchers and students was on display once again in 2017, as the school placed fifth in the country – and 12th worldwide – among public univerisities in producing new U.S. utility patents.’

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According to rankings released Tuesday by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), USF received 116 such patents in 2017.’

Why More Colleges Should Treat Students Like Numbers

The University of South Florida looks a lot like the surrounding city of Tampa Bay, which is to say that it looks like most of the American places that have filled up with people over the last 100 years: sunny and sprawling and composed of newish brick, glass, and concrete buildings between five and ten stories high. You may not have heard of USF, or at least not in a way that made a lasting impression, because it isn’t a synecdoche for the allegedly meritocratic class system, nor the home of a championship football team. It is merely the kind of university where most young adults actually get a college education.