USF researchers asking people to participate in survey about COVID

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The purpose of the survey is to map out hotspots where clusters of people had the virus. The survey has identified two zip codes with hotspots.

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TAMPA, Fla. — Researchers with the University of South Florida are asking the public to complete a survey about COVID-19.

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The survey asks people if they have COVID-19 symptoms like fever, dry cough and muscle aches. It also asks people the zip code and county where they live.

“No personal identifiers so there’s no way of tracking the data back. We just ask them to fill out their age, their sex and whether they have any coexisting conditions,” said Dr. Thomas Unnasch, co-director of the Center for Global Health Infectious Disease Research with the University of South Florida.

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USF Researchers Seek Public Participation in COVID-19 Mapping Survey

TAMPA, Fla. –‘Researchers with the University of South Florida are still asking for the public’s participation in their “COVID-19 Associated Symptom Surveillance System.”

It was launched last month with the aim of identifying hot spots in Tampa Bay, including those that may be in more need of access to testing, and using data to predict what the virus will do next.’

“We definitely want people to continue taking the survey,”‘said Dr. Thomas Unnasch, co-director of the Center for Global Health and Infectious Disease Research at USF’s College of Public Health and a distinguished professor with the university. “The reason for that is that we’ve now really, as people know, are starting to open up, and we’re past the first wave. One of the most important things moving forward to control any big second wave that may develop is we’re going to have to be able to identify hot spots and get in and control the infections in the hot spots as they develop.”‘

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USF professor: How well are you working from home during COVID-19?

TAMPA, Fla. ‘ Working from home is not a new concept, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to take their work home with them, and most had little time to prepare for the transition.’

Like many things associated with the pandemic, researchers want to know more about the new work reality and how it’s affecting workers.’

Tammy Allen, a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, has been studying telecommuting and working remotely for years. When the pandemic hit, she realized there was a unique opportunity for a case study.

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USF survey seeks coronavirus data – Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA ‘ University of South Florida researchers are asking residents to participate in an anonymous online survey to get a better accounting and more precise location of COVID-19 cases in the Tampa Bay area..

The USF College of Public Health, Hillsborough and Pinellas County Departments of Health, Public Health Program of Ponce Health Sciences University and the Puerto Rico Health Trust collaborated to create the Tampa Bay symptom surveillance survey.

Geolocation services will allow researchers to know respondents’ geographic location at the time they complete the survey. This technology collects and sends geolocation data transmitted by the individual’s electronic device.

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