USF student uses social media to save dad during Dorian

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TAMPA, Fla. ‘ Many people with family in the Bahamas felt helpless as Hurricane Dorian battered the islands.

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‘He said he was in the roof and the water was seven feet high in our house, which means it was at least 15 feet high off the ground,’ USF student Asif Robinson said. ‘He said he didn’t have any food or water and had been trapped there for two days with rising waters.’

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Despite being miles away in Tampa, he posted his father’s photo and location on social media in hopes someone would rescue him.’

Robinson said the weather conditions were still too dangerous for the U.S. Coast Guard to make rescues at this time. But thanks to his photo getting shared, so much help came.

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USF student uses social media to lead rescue crews to father trapped in Bahamas

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) ‘ A Bahamian student at the University of South Florida is crediting social media for helping save his father, trapped in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge.

Asif Robinson, a senior studying electrical engineering who was born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama said there wasn’t much he could do from hundreds miles away except share his dad’s location, situation, and pray for his rescue.

Growing up in the Bahamas, Robinson had seen his fair share of hurricanes. Nothing could have prepared them, physically or emotionally, for Dorian.

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“Using data from law enforcement and FBI crime reports, we compared 490 colleges (save for those with enrollment under 1,000 students and others for which a significant amount of data was unavailable),” the website says. “We took two variables into account: crime rate and police adequacy.”

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Timeflies will headline Bullstock after AJR cancellation

Timeflies will replace AJR after it abruptly canceled its appearance for Bullstock, citing a conflict with a planned appearance at the Yuengling Center later in the year. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) told students via social media on April 1 that AJR will no longer be performing for USF’s music festival, Bullstock.

It was announced the following day that the American pop band Timeflies ‘ most recognized from their song ‘Once in a While’ ‘ will now perform.

CAB was informed of the AJR cancellation on March 27 through its middle agent, which serve as a liaison between the band and CAB. The middle agent said the band canceled because of its Nov. 9 performance at the Yuengling Center.

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