In 2017, Artiles resigned his Senate after he used vulgarities and a variation of the N-word in a

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[ USF’s Jeff Scott takes heat for 2-point play call, preceding timeout ]
If the social media outcry in the immediate wake of USF’s loss at Temple was any sign, the fan base was doubling down on Jeff Scott’s decision-making in the waning moments of the 39-37 defeat.

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Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 2.25.20

In 2017, Artiles resigned his Senate after he used vulgarities and a variation of the N-word in a barroom conversation with two black colleagues.

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Shortly after 5 o’clock on Monday, his daily transformation into ‘Frank the Tank’ complete, Artiles directed a flurry of insults toward yours truly.

In a true show of class, his tantrum included calling me a ‘shylock,’ an anti-Semitic slur furthering a stereotype that Jewish people are predatory lenders.

As an aside, the term traces its roots to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, which features a character of the same name. For a good laugh, imagine Artiles reading Shakespeare. Maybe a ‘consultant’ he hired out of a Hooters during one of his bacchanal bouts is handling Portia’s lines.

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Eedition The Daily Mail April 14 2020 | eEdition |

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Morning Briefing for Thursday, December 5, 2019

Harvard psychiatrist Arthur Kleinman shed his ‘veil of ignorance’ during 11 years serving as the primary family caregiver for his wife, who had a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease. In a new book, ‘The Soul of Care,’ he offers suggestions for transforming health care ‘ just as caregiving transformed him. (Judith Graham, 12/5)

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The pharmaceutical industry’s argument that capping drug prices would compromise drug innovation stands ‘on very shaky ground.’ (Shefali Luthra, 12/5)

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Consumers are admonished to be ‘smart shoppers,’ but that’s difficult if health care prices are clear as mud. When Sarah Macsalka’s son needed stitches, she did her best to avoid the ER and still ended up with a $3,000 bill. (Dan Weissmann, 12/5)

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FanFest Highlights: “I’m never really ready for any guy to hug me from behind.” – Giants Extra

Bruce Bochy and Brandon Belt were side by side during a Q&A session at FanFest, a nice shout out to Twitter, I guess. Bochy looked up at the beat writers during the session and whispered ‘Dodgers.’ Belt, of course, got into some hot water last FanFest when he told a similar group that you can’t buy chemistry.

‘Yeah,’ Belt said this time around. ‘I’m not saying anything about the Dodgers. I’m not saying anything stupid today.’

Still, plenty was said. The crowds were much smaller this year but the Giants still took turns on various stages. Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A sessions in the club level.

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