Petersburg when he signed SB-2006 –  a bill that allows him to override all local rules and bans

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[ ‘We are no longer in a state of emergency’: Florida Gov Ron deSantis lifts ALL remaining COVID rules and bans vaccine passports ]
Florida’s Governor Ron deSantis on Monday lifted all of the state’s remaining COVID rules, including wearing masks, sayig the state is ‘no longer in a state of emergency’.

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DeSantis was at a waterfront restaurant in St. Petersburg when he signed SB-2006 -‘ a bill that allows him to override all local rules and bans vaccine passports from July 1 onwards.

He said that the vaccine rollout in Florida – where more than 6million doses have been administered to a population of’21.48 million – had been so successful that anyone who hasn’t yet had one is choosing not to.’

‘At this point, the people that haven’t been vaccinated is certainly not because a lack of supply or a lack of availability,’ he said.’

His order means that in public places, there are no more COVID rules at all including social distancing and masks.’

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Florida governor signs law preempting local COVID edicts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ‘ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis moved to suspend all remaining COVID-19 restrictions imposed by communities across his state, signing into law on Monday freshly passed legislation giving him sweeping powers to invalidate local emergency measures put in place during the pandemic ‘ including mask mandates, limitations on business operations and the shuttering of schools.

‘We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future,’ DeSantis said, ‘but I think this creates a structure that’s going to be a little bit more respectful, I think, of people’s businesses jobs, schools and personal freedom.’

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Florida takes VACCINE-PASSPORT BAN a step further as governor signs bill into law, halts all local Covid-19 restrictions in state

The new law, which will take effect on July 1, follows through on an emergency order that DeSantis signed in April to ban so-called vaccine passports. At the time, he urged the Florida Legislature to make it tougher for a future administration to overturn the ban by passing a bill to make it permanent.

‘You have a right to participate in society, go to a restaurant, movie, a ballgame ‘ all these things ‘ without having to divulge this type of information,’ the Republican governor said on Monday at a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. ‘And, oh, by the way, you give that to big companies, they are going to absolutely try to monetize that. So we didn’t want to go down that road.’

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Coronavirus latest: Florida’s DeSantis suspends all local Covid-19 restrictions

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DeSantis won big during Florida’s legislative session. Now what?

An hour before Gov. Ron DeSantis was to appear on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Show on Thursday night with four other Republican governors dubbed ‘red state trailblazers,’ the Florida House sent him the final collection of his priority bills aimed squarely at the conservative cable show’s audience.

The bills ‘ imposing fines and penalties on social media companies that remove users and restricting mail-in voting ‘ emerged from last November’s presidential election and were the end cap to a carefully crafted legislative agenda aimed less at the needs of the governor’s home state and more at the national Republican base.

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Gov. Murphy announces changes to NJ’s COVID restrictions

New Jersey will lift many COVID-19 capacity limits at retail stores, restaurants, gyms and other businesses beginning May 19, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday.

The Department of Health is currently finalizing its guidance but all impacted restaurant, tavern, and bar owners should be prepared to ensure proper social distancing between patrons at their bars, either the CDC 6 foot requirement or physical partitions. We are counting on restaurants and bar owners to enforce this guidance and prevent congregating at the bar as we have warned all along that those situations present a higher danger of allowing the virus to spread. And also effective this Friday, we will lift the prohibition on buffets and other self-service foods at restaurants.

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