Who Makes The Best Cuban Sandwich In South Florida?

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In doing this documentary, what did you learn about the Cuban sandwich? Joeshi: I learned so much just exploring South Florida. I had never been to Tampa before I worked on this documentary.

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Who makes the best Cuban sandwich in South Florida? It’s a seemingly simple question, with decades of history’and an equally long rivalry’behind it. It’s a lot of talk for just a few slices of ham, mojo pork, pickles, mustard and swiss cheese between Cuban bread.’
There’s a new documentary exploring that question. The film,’Mixto Cubano: The Origin of the Cuban Sandwich, is a semi-finalist in the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Tej Joshi is a rising senior at the University of Miami, and the lead producer of the film. Victor Padilla is a main character in the documentary and the brains behind the Cuban Sandwich Festival, which takes place every year

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