State auditors examined a sample of flight records kept by the law-enforcement agency between

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[ Who’s flying on Florida’s state planes? No one knows, and that’s a problem. ]
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement failed to report the names of passengers flying on state-operated aircraft and the purposes of their travels to show all transportation was for official state ‘

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State auditors examined a sample of flight records kept by the law-enforcement agency between January 2019 and June 2019 to determine whether it properly charged people for transportation costs.

The records showed 1,311 passengers had flown on 310 state-operated flights, and none of them were subject to travel charges, according to the report by the Florida Auditor General released last week.

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Not to change the topic here:

Sunburn ‘ The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics ‘ 11.25.19

Florida Politics correspondent Noah Pransky gives an exclusive report that should cause some soul searching at the Florida Department of Transportation and the Governor’s office over the SunPass snafu.

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‘ The 2020 census is coming, and Florida is one of only five states that has failed to set up a statewide committee to help ensure everyone is counted. Billions of dollars are at stake.

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JUICE – Florida’s Juicy Political Read – 11.22.19 – FL House Vacancies? – DeSantis vs. Scott- America’s First Gay President? – Lt. Nunez Goes To Colombia

Just as House Democrats salivate over impeaching President Donald Trump on obstructions, and now threaten to go after him for bribery (Oy Vey!), Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has just been indicted on fraud and bribery charges, charges the long-serving leader calls bogus that stem from a ‘witch hunt’ of an investigation.

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Punta Gorda Airport’s only commercial airline takes flight

When Allegiant first touched down at Punta Gorda Airport, its effect was like a small stone tossed into a still pond ‘ a few minor ripples. In the decade since, the most readily discernible wave is the presence of people. The ultra-low-cost airline has been bringing them to Charlotte County from dozens of locations around the country. And, in an economic quid pro quo, Allegiant has given Charlotte County folks an affordable way to visit their out-of-area families and friends as well.

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University of Florida’s student president facing impeachment for Trump Jr. visit

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Review: Brightline Florida / Virgin Trains USA

I think I’ve just found the new most economical way to get drunk on Saturday nights’ and it involves riding the train.

Yesterday I took Brightline for the first time, and while my enthusiasm for transportation is typically limited to airplanes, Brightline might have just made me a train enthusiast. Choo choo!

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