Will scooters help or hurt the way we get around in Tampa Bay? We’re about to find out.

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Tampa grapples with the rented scooter craze Fort Lauderdale is the only Florida city to fully embrace scooters so ‘ Bird and Lime, along with smaller businesses,

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TAMPA ‘ Tampa Bay so far has dodged one of the biggest crazes to sweep the nation in the past year. But it won’t be long before electric scooters are here, too, zipping people across town and potentially changing how they think about transportation.

Electric, dockless scooters invaded dozens of cities in 2018 ‘ sometimes overnight and with little-to-no warning.

They quickly elicited strong reactions. Some praised the sharable scooters as the perfect option for trips that are too far to comfortably walk, but too short to merit driving. Others deemed them a fad, a nuisance at best and a safety threat at worst.

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With Adam Smith’s departure from the Tampa Bay Times, we’re not sure who will be in charge of the newspaper’s Insider Poll.

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We asked a panel of political consultants, fundraisers, PR mavens, lobbyists, and top staffers to weigh in on the issues influencing Florida politics.

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