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Two Tampa Bay attorneys disciplined by Florida Supreme Court
(since Jul, 2020) The Florida Supreme Court has disciplined two Tampa Bay attorneys, with one receiving disciplinary revocation and the other being suspended for 30 days.

Review: ‘Tampa Bay Noir’ a lively collection of the kinds of stories Florida knows well –
(Aug 2020) Michael Connelly, Ace Atkins, Lori Roy, Lisa Unger, Ladee Hubbard and other novelists shine a light on the dark side of the Sunshine State in “Tampa Bay Noir.”

Florida sheriff reconsidering security deal with Tampa Bay Rays after ‘reckless’ Breonna Taylor tweet
(since Jul, 2020) The Tampa Bay Rays might have to find a new department to help secure their baseball stadium after angering the local sheriff with a tweet about Breonna Taylor.

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