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As unemployment spikes, virtual career services help Tampa Bay veterans
Jul 08th, 2020 14:17 UTC Career service groups have been offering virtual job hunts for Tampa Bay veterans in recent months as they seek to remedy the historic highs in veteran unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As coronavirus hot spots in Florida stop reopening, will areas in Tampa Bay do the same?
on 07th of Jul 2020 Leaders say they’re trying to avoid shutting areas down, but will make laws more stringent if cases continue to rise.

Florida man trapped alone with hundreds of parrots
on 07th of Jul 2020 Majid “Magic” Esmaeili has a few hundred squawking parrots for company. His only company. His email to the Tampa Bay Times recently arrived with the subject line “SOS.” “My name is Majid Esmaeili (AKA

Rare case of brain-destroying amoeba confirmed in Florida
(Jul 2020) Naegleria fowleri is contacted when contaminated water enters through a person’s nose and is found in warm freshwater.

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