Florida Teacher Year Presents Student 8 Scholarship

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Florida Teacher Fired From Adventist School For Being Gay
(Oct 2020) Steven Arauz was dismissed from his $49,000-a-year position at Forest Lake Education Center shortly after featuring in an article published by online news site Gays With Kids.

Another gay teacher fired. LGBTQ students face expulsion. Discrimination continues in Florida schools | Commentary
(Oct 2020) Another teacher was fired for being gay from one of Florida’s publicly funded voucher schools. LGBTQ students also face expulsion too if they come out. None of this is OK.

Ex-Florida teacher busted for sexual encounter with student ‘crush’
(Oct 2020) A former Florida teacher admitted to having a “crush” on a student after there was a sexual encounter between them at his home, authorities said. Kristen O’Brien, who quit her job last

Parents and a teacher catch us up on how the school year has been so far
(Oct 2020) John asked you to chime in on the show with how your parenting experience has been with students in hybrid or remote learning. And, one teacher joins the show to describe her experience teaching

Many Florida teachers too lenient with grading, business group report says
(Oct 2020) Records show students’ classroom grades are better than their state test results. Local educators say it’s an age-old issue they’re working to address.

USAID-Florida State University partnership set to boost teacher training systems in Zambia
(Oct 2020) The Learning Systems Institute (LSI) at Florida State University will lead a five-year, $15 million project sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to improve pre-service

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