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There are ten treasure chests each containing $1 million hidden all over the United States
on 07th of Aug 2020 The Blackbeard Treasure is currently setting up a massive treasure hunt all around the United States, with a total loot that exceeds $10 mi

You can sign up for an epic treasure hunt to find chests containing $1 million hidden across the US
on 07th of Aug 2020 The Blackbeard Treasure is a US-wide treasure hunt. There are 10 treasure chests containing $US1 million dollars each in 10 different states, the Blackbeard Treasure organisers sa

The Blackbeard Treasure Launches $10 Million Treasure Hunt Across 10 States
(Aug 2020) With a total of $10 million dollars in cash spread out across 10 states, The Blackbeard Treasure is launching the only treasure hunt of its kind on a scale this large. In California, Florida, Georgia,

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