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One Plant Florida to Host Beach Cleanup
(Oct 2020) One Plant Florida, a subsidiary of Bluma Wellness , will host a beach cleanup at Jensen Beach Park (4191 NE Ocean Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957) on Sunday, October 25, beginning at 8 a.m. Participants

Succulents, air plants overcome adversity and thrive
(Oct 2020) Master Gardener Volunteer Candace Barone writes about two groups of plants that survive the stresses that many others will not.

Judge rules homeowner’s ‘high grass and weeds’ are Florida-friendly flowers
(Oct 2020) A Florida judge on Wednesday ruled that a master gardener can keep more than 100 high-growing plant species in her front yard because they are not grasses or weeds.

How late is too late to plant? And what’s that crusty growth on trees? This Weekend in the Garden
(Oct 2020) This weekend’s yard jobs include finishing your fall planting, cut back or remove flowers as they succumb to the cold, and don’t worry if you see a green-gray crusty growth on your tree trunks.

Do plants hear? Let’s listen in
(Oct 2020) When I was teaching in high school, the question of whether plants hear or not was a favorite science fair experiment. The idea was to immerse one plant in the

Houston-area site top contender for $430M Brightmark plastic-recycling plant
(Oct 2020) After launching a nationwide search last year, a California-based company chose a Houston-area county for its short list of places to build a plant to turn plastic waste into industrial wax and

Grafted Tomatoes Grow Best With One Stressed Parent And One Chill One
(Oct 2020) In a world struggling to feed more people without consuming additional land or resources, any boost to crop growth is worth celebrating. By grafting epigen

Pap’s Foods opens new plant on Crittenden Drive
(Oct 2020) Pap’s Beef Jerky Founder Jim Robinson said his staff is producing 5,000 units of jerky each week out of the new facility.

Hartford Courant to close printing plant, cut 151 jobs
(Oct 2020) The paper’s printing operation will be taken over by the Springfield Republican newspaper prior to the end of the year, a Tribune Publishing Co. spokesman said.

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