Sears Demolition Could Be Just The Marketing Move

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Piece of Reynolds, Forsyth architectural history gone with home’s demolition
(Oct 2020) Salem, the corporation’s attorney “the reason they bought it is that they don’t want (redevelopment) to change the neighborhood.”

Seritage Growth: A Billionaire Strong Buy
(Oct 2020) Just take a look at the . diversified – reflective of the influence Sears had in its heyday – with a substantial presence in growth markets such as Florida, California, and the Northeast.

These chains are closing the most stores permanently in 2020
(Oct 2020) A record 9,500 stores went out of business in 2019, which seemed massive — but as many as 25,000 could shut down permanently in 2020, mostly in malls, says the an estimate from Coresight Research. So

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