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‘Extremely hazardous’ conditions in U.P., motorists urged to stay off roads during winter storm
(Nov 2019) MARQUETTE, MI – A lake-effect snowstorm has dumped a foot of snow in some areas of the northern Upper Peninsula in the last day, and police in Marquette today are asking motorists to stay off the

Montreal motorists slide — literally — into winter driving conditions
on 11th of Nov 2019 Multi-vehicle collisions were also reported on Highway 10 around Brossard. The Sûreté du Québec noted that while things did indeed seem to be bad on the South Shore, similar conditions were being

Motorists can secure a car from just £100 a month today by doing this popular thing
on 11th of Nov 2019 The need to own things is dissipating.” Tips to save even more money on leasing Lovett explained to how motorists could potentially save even more money through car leasing strategies.

Motorists urged to slow down for trick-or-treaters
(since Oct, 2019) More than a thousand trick-or-treaters are expected to be walking the streets and neighborhoods of Pontotoc tomorrow night (Oct. 31) celebrating Halloween and Police Chief Randy Tutor cautioned

Vision Zero Day of Awareness: Motorists urged to drive with caution
(since Oct, 2019) STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — With the end of Daylight Saving Time right around the corner, the city is reminding motorists that this is among the most dangerous times of the year for cyclists and

Weather warning: Your car may not be ready for cold – Britons urged to check vehicles now
(Nov 2019) However, some motorists will find their car isn’t fully prepared for the cold conditions and could breakdown as the weather worsens. Severe bouts of cold weather can exaggerate mechanical issues with

Amish Community In Ohio Urged To Install Blinking Lights On Buggies
(Nov 2019) ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) – A law enforcement official says he’s persuaded the bishops of an Ohio Amish sect to install blinking lights on buggies to make them more visible to motorists. The Ashland

Gauteng motorists anxiously await e-toll decision
(since Oct, 2019) READ: Public to pay for e-tolls Currently, only 33-percent of Gauteng motorists are paying their e-toll bills. Opposition parties and NGOs have urged the public to boycott paying their e-tolls. “We

Sheffield residents urged to ‘stay inside’ ahead of horrendous downpours across north of England
(Nov 2019) The city bore the brunt of the wet weather, with motorists abandoning their cars and people evacuating homes and businesses due to dangerous flooding, with the Met Office releasing amber weather

Summer roadworks to cause delays for motorists, transport agency warns
(Nov 2019) NZTA urged motorists to be aware of road workers and to comply with temporary speed restrictions through work sites to keep them safe. “Keeping your speed down where sealing work is underway or has

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