The Iraq War Veteran Turned College Football Walk Colorado State

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Movies on TV this week: ‘The Great Escape’ on TCM
(Aug 2020) 3:45 p.m. A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014 . 3:30 p.m. Warrior (2011) ★★★ Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy. An Iraq War veteran finds himself on a collision course with his estranged brother when both set

Decorated Iraq War veteran facing five years in prison for medical marijuana
(Aug 2020) Sean Worsley was prescribed medical marijuana for injuries incurred from roadside bombs in Iraq.

The U.S. Military Has Been Engaged In Iraq For 30 Years Now
(Aug 2020) If this history is any indicator, the U.S. military will remain engaged in and with Iraq in one way or another for at least the foreseeable future.

US military investigating Iraqi Shia militia’s claim it bombed the Iraq-Kuwait border
on 11th of Aug 2020 The US military said Tuesday it was investigating a claim by a newly formed Iraqi Shia militant group of a bombing at the Iraq-Kuwait border. Iraq and Kuwait denied an attack had taken place. Iraq

Trump advisers were wary of talking military options over fears he’d accidentally start war: report
(Aug 2020) President Trump’s advisers were wary to talk to him about military options over fears he’d accidentally start a war, CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported Thursday.

The pandemic has propelled military medicine into another dimension
(Aug 2020) Congress and the Pentagon must ensure that our military can adequately protect our country’s security, overseas and domestically.

Author Robert Draper on what led the U.S. to war in Iraq
(since Jul, 2020) On “Intelligence Matters,” Mike Morell and Draper discuss the key players, events and decisions that led to the George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq more than 15 years ago.

Brain Scans Dig Further Into The Mystery Of Gulf War Syndrome
(Aug 2020) Gulf War syndrome continues to be a medical mystery. Almost one-third of the 700,000 US and Allied soldiers who participated in the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf

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