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Dude, there was a gigantic robot walking around in the Keys according to online reporters.
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In Miami-Dade County, Younger Cuban Voters Offer Opening for Trump
Oct 25th, 2020 02:01 UTC Trump supporters there have organized caravans with trucks that blare popular Cuban music.Credit . Saul Martinez for The New York Times By Patricia Mazzei MIAMI — The conventional wisdom about the

Will Cuba Tip Florida to Trump?
on 24th of Oct 2020 With Florida again looking pivotal in the presidential race, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have found themselves revisiting a decades-old question that could decide a crucial share of votes: What to do

Cuban Americans’ support for Trump is a mystery
(Oct 2020) Tuesday Opinion essay, “Why are Cuban Americans backing caudillo Trump?,” was excellent. As a Cuban American who has not fallen under the Miami Cub

The Trump administration will ban remittances to Cuba through military companies
(Oct 2020) The United States government will prohibit remittances to Cuba through companies controlled by the Cuban military, which would effectively cut money transfers to Cuba until companies like Western

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