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Politics won the battle against public health in Florida with Ron DeSantis’ high-fiving at Trump rally | Editorial
Oct 20th, 2020 08:09 UTC Ron DeSantis and his high-fives at a recent Donald Trump rally was an example of the governor putting politics over public health.

Trump joked that he’ll ‘find a way’ to fire Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if he loses the state in November
(Oct 2020) The president sees Florida as a must-win state in his electoral coalition if he is to be reelected to a second term.

Protege of the president, DeSantis looks to repay Trump in nation’s biggest toss-up state
(Oct 2020) More than two years after a tweet endorsement from Donald Trump helped rocket barely known congressman Ron DeSantis to the Florida Governor’s Mansion, the president’s protégé is spending this election

Trump jokes he’ll fire DeSantis if he loses Florida. ‘I’ll find a way.’
(Oct 2020) The president took credit for the governor’s political rise — and told the Ocala crowd he better carry Florida, or else.

DeSantis’ behavior at Trump rally a terrible example | Letters
(Oct 2020) A terrible example for Florida. Regarding Gov. Ron DeSantis high-fiving Trumpers while unmasked in the viral swarm at President Donald Trump’s rally

With DeSantis’ order for government agencies to meet in person, some cut off virtual, interactive access
(Oct 2020) Although many Central Florida government agencies have long live-streamed their meetings, virtual meetings have been interactive during the pandemic, with constituents able to comment and ask

As doctors, we call for Gov. DeSantis to do more to avoid another COVID spike | Opinion
(Oct 2020) Past and current heads of the Florida Board of Medicine, the Palm Beach County Medical Society, the Palm Beach County Pediatric Society and the Florida Pulmonary Society call for a statewide mask

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