Trump Campaign Did Not Coordinate With Russia In Department Of Justice Says

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Justice Department says Roger Stone should report to prison Tuesday
Jul 09th, 2020 10:01 UTC An appeals court is reviewing his request for a two-month extension to Sept 3, citing the coronavirus pandemic

Column: Trump’s Russia fixation might never be explained
(Jul 2020) Russia targets the power in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia (you can add Miami too, if you like). Chaos ensues. Large numbers of Democrats concentrated in those cities are unable to vote. Trump

U.S. Supreme Court takes up Trump bid to withhold parts of Russia report
(Jul 2020) Democratic U.S. lawmakers are highly unlikely to gain access before the Nov. 3 election to material withheld from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian political meddling after the

Mayflower Hotel speech drove liberal media overkill, empty Russia scandal
(since Jun, 2020) Attorney General William P. Barr may have one particular storyline in mind when he says liberal media were doing “all they could to sensationalize and drive” the empty Russia scandal: the Mayflower

‘F—, this is actually happening’: Book reveals how Robert Mueller was briefed about Russia investigation
(Jul 2020) A top FBI official dropped the F-bomb when he explained to special counsel Robert Mueller how the bureau came to open its counterintelligence investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign,

Analysts say Barr is eroding Justice Department independence — without facing any real personal consequence
(since Jun, 2020) Barr has seemed to repeatedly bend the Justice Department to Trump’s political interests — generating significant controversy but no personal consequence, legal analysts said. Support our journalism.

Trump says Obama didn’t reform policing — but he did. Then the president ditched it.
(since Jun, 2020) A look at the false claim that the previous administration was nowhere on an issue roiling the nation then and now.

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