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Florida officials urging Army Corps to change Lake Okeechobee management plan to avoid algae blooms
(May 2021) The Florida governor will be joined by the state Department of Environmental Protection secretary Monday afternoon at a state park to make an announcement.

Bodies of water have rights, a US county decided, and they are suing the state of Florida
(May 2021) A network of streams, lakes and marshes in Florida is suing a developer and the state to try to stop a housing development from destroying them.

CDC to study health effects of Cyanotoxins in South Florida
May 13th, 2021 08:50 UTC On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they will start a new study in South Florida to assess the health effects of exposure to cyanotoxins in the air. The study will take

Lake County Schools is first district in Central Florida to make masks voluntary for students, staff
(May 2021) Lake County Schools is the first district in Central Florida to make masks voluntary for students and staff, starting this summer.

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